Collective Wisdom: Preparing for Baby

BlogIcons_CollectiveToday’s Collective Wisdom post asks our mamas-to-be:

In what ways have you prepared for your baby’s arrival so far?

I’ve read books on childbirth and newborns.  I’ve taken childbirth classes. (Michaela)

Driving around with an empty carseat.  Getting the nursery ready.  Splurging on a cute diaper bag. (Lindsay D.)

Washed clothes, bought diapers, picked out some cute things for her.  Read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.  (Hanni Go)

Hypnobirthing classes, prenatal yoga, found the perfect doula, change from hospital to Health Foundations. (Angie Murphy)

Decorated the nursery, hired a doula, found day care, taken childbirth education class, and infant CPR class. (Cassie)

Reading lots of books, forums on, reading, attending Parent Topic Nights at the Childbirth Collective, hiring a doula.  (Leah)

I have been practicing yoga, reading lots of books—not just about pregnancy and labor but lots about the postpartum and babies, getting his room ready, and meditating.  Oh and we hired a birth doula and are considering a postpartum doula.  (anonymous)

How have you (or how did you) prepare for baby’s arrival during your pregnancy?

Collective Wisdom: Describing our Ideal Birth


While it is impossible to know all the elements that influence our perception of birth, our thoughts and intentions can be powerful shapers of our birth experience.  Imagining the conditions under which we wish to birth is an empowering experience in pregnancy.  While many aspects of our birth and delivery are beyond our control, we can manage our own minds and expectations: herein lies tremendous power.  How we envision our birth matters even if it doesn’t go exactly as we imagine it.

This week, we asked our mamas-to-be…

“What words would you use to describe your ideal birth?”

These were the answers we received:







Fully Present
















What words would you use to describe your ideal birth experience?

Collective Wisdom: Birth Affirmations





Birth MantrasA birth mantra or affirmation is a positive statement and intention for the pregnancy or birth experience. A mama may select her own affirmation or affirmations and repeat it/them to herself or out loud during times of relaxation, upon waking and going to sleep, during the birth experience, or any time she needs encouragement during pregnancy or labor.

Positive birth affirmations can profoundly affect our outlook and our experiences—the thoughts we choose about our birth can seep into the unconscious and powerfully influence our actual experiences.  They can calm, relax, encourage and support us as we move through our journeys of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

Birth affirmations tend to be the most powerful when they are set in the present tense (as if they are happening to us right now).  Writing them down in a journal or something you hang in your space and repeating them often also make affirmations more potent.  During labor, you may even want your support team to repeat your chosen mantras to you.

We asked a few of our mamas-to-be to share their current or favorite birth affirmation.  Here’s what they shared:

I was made to do this – Leah

I get to make all the decisions about my birth – Cassie

I am strong.  I can do this! – Hanni

I trust my body – Angie

I am strong enough – Michaela

Here is a list of other birth affirmations expectant mamas can browse to find something that perfectly resonates with them.

What is your favorite birth mantra?  How have birth affirmations helped you through pregnancy and birth?

Collective Wisdom: Sharing Pregnancy News


This week’s question:  How did you share the news of your pregnancy with your partner?

The video above is from one of our lovely Health Foundations families, the Ingmans.  What a fun way to share the news of your pregnancy!

Other Health Foundations families shared how they spread the news:

“With a hug, a kiss, and a pregnancy test!” – MAQuiroz

“I gave him a card that said “you are going to be a daddy” with a positive pregnancy test taped to it.”—Katie

“I showed him the pregnancy test shaking my head in disbelief– we were moving across the country in a week!”–Danielle

“I said ‘we’re going to need a second car seat’.”—Toni R.

“We took a pregnancy test together.” – Vanasse


This is a great announcement from one of our fabulous families.

How did you share the news of your pregnancy with your partner, friends, and family?  We’d love to hear your story!

Collective Wisdom: Why Did you Choose a Birth Center?

BlogIcons_CollectiveIn addition to our “Meet the Health Foundations Family” feature interview series, we are also excited to introduce another new blog feature this year.  We’re calling this one “Health Foundations Collective Wisdom.”  In this series, we are gathering wisdom, insight, and knowledge from our Health Foundations patients—mamas, mamas-to-be, and their families.  We hope you enjoy the collective gathering of YOUR wisdom, sweet families!


Why did you choose to have a birth center birth?

“We wanted the best personal care possible and to feel like we were more in control of our choices and care throughout pregnancy.”—Amanda Stitt

Hearing the statistic that 33% of hospital births ended in C-sections scared me.  As I read more about medical interventions being overly used by doctors, I knew I wanted to avoid those things and being at a birth center with a midwife would help that.  I liked the idea of being able to make my own choices in a comfortable non-hospital setting.”—Cassie

“Attention to mom and baby is much better.  Birth is considered normal and not a medical emergency”—Vanasse

“We always intended to have a natural birth and had our first child at a birth center.  It was an awesome experience so the second time around there was no question!”—Liv

“We wanted a normal birth process.  Our first was at the hospital and it felt out of control.  I felt like a lab rat.”—Toni R.

“I liked the home-like environment, ability to have a water birth, and the midwives.”—Katie

If you would like to contribute to our Collective Wisdom posts, Aubrey has questionnaires at the center you are welcome to complete them and return them to her or your midwife any time!  You can also post in our comments section.

Next post’s question: How did you share the news of your birth with your partner?

Stay tuned!